Le Moulin de Fourges’ new season gets underway as it celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. On the menu are concerts, exhibitions, champagne cocktails and fireworks to mark the special event.

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Taken over in 1993 by Jérôme Crépatte, this charming place, built in the 18th Century on the banks of the River Epte, has become one of the leading addresses of the Giverny Impressionist region.


 A look back over the winding history 


Built in 1970, on the ruins of a former mill, it is one of the classiest river mills of the valley. This elegance is due to the comrades, who at the time had to get away from Versailles, where working for the court was not very fashionable, and who were inspired by the architecture of Queen Marie Antoinette’s hamlet at Versailles.

For several centuries it scrupulously ground the grains it was fed. However, it didn’t withstand the industrial era and the mechanization of the big mills. So it was forgotten about for a very long time, until in 1946, a young man charmed by the beauty of the place, bought it and transformed it into an inn. The Defougères family ran Le Moulin until 1992.

Jérôme Crépatte took over on 1st April 1993 and has put a new breath of life into this listed building.


 20 years of change and 10 key dates  


-        1993 Opening of 2 rooms on the ground floor of the mill and the barn

-        1995 Opening of 3 rooms on the first floor of the mill

-        1996 A pergola erected behind the barn

-        1999 Conservatory built

-        2003 Restoration of the water wheel and sifters

-        2004 Fitting of glass roof/wall

-        2006 Roof renovation

-        2007 Rendering restored

-        2010 Creation of a big patio on the waterfront

-        2013 Barn renovation


 20 years welcoming special guests  


-        François Hollande and Ségolène Royale

-        Hillary Clinton and Pamela Harriman

-        Claude Lelouch and Michel Drucker

-        Gong Li and Terry Hatcher

-        Charles Pasqua and Robert Hue

-        Michel Leeb

-        Calogero…

And above all, more than 700 000 guests !

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